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Hi welcome to Everest Bound, my name is Andreas Breitfuss and I am going to climb the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest! for the 2nd time.

When it comes to mountaineering I am really a novice in comparison to many of the famous alpinists of our time. However the goal to climb to the highest peak in the world can’t be taken lightly.

The truth of the matter is that I am climbing Mt. Everest for the 2nd time to to challenge myself on a different route on the mountain. Each route provides different obstacles and the North side has its fair share of challenges including the crux of the climb at the 2nd step. As this will be the 2nd time on the mountain I have decided to climb without any guides which will provide another level of complexities to provide myself with a greater challenge.

I have had a long association with cold climates having been born and bred in Perisher ski resort in Australia, (and yes we do have snow in Australia). My love for snow sports soon took affect taking up competitive alpine skiing from the age of 7. Although I was never really great at it, it did however provide a great base for what was next to come. At age 18 I found out I could ski moguls (they are those round bumpy things you encounter on a ungroomed ski run). With that skill I went onto representing Australia in the Australian Freestyle Ski team for 4 years. Early on in my career a knee accident required my early retirement.

However since that time I just new there is more to life then just work.




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