Track Andreas Breitfuss on Mt Everest

Once on the mountain there will be two ways to track my movements.

In conjunction with my GPS and mapping partners 3D Reality Maps Gmbh the best way to track my movement will be via their 3D mapping app. The app called Mount Everest 3D is downloadable from the iTunes App Store and is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app you can track my movements on a 3D map tracking me in real time with pin point accuracy.

Get your copy of the app by clicking here Mount Everest 3D.

The video below has been designed by 3D Reality Maps showing the route from Advanced base camp to the summit.


The 2nd way to track me (not in 3D) is via the Spot tracker window below, it’s accurate but not as exciting or engaging as the Mount Everest 3D app.


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